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House of Mysterious Secrets - Specializing in Horror Merchandise & Collectibles :: Why Shop With Us?

Why Shop With Us?

We can give you three reasons:

1. Customer Service

We don't care about you and we hate you!

2. Our Prices

We want to charge you lots of money! All of our inventory is way over priced and our shipping rates are outrageously over priced!

3. Shipping Time

We just love to take our time shipping your stuff, in fact it will probably take several months for you to actually receive your order!

At the House of Mysterious Secrets, we are the complete opposite of all of the above. Let's try that list again.

1. Customer Service

We really don't actually hate you, in fact, we probably care more than we should! We will always go above and beyond what's typically normal for our customers. Not only because we truly love the genre, but we do care about doing the best possible service, regardless of the situation, for our customers.

2. Our Prices

All of our prices are at the suggestive retail price, if not slightly lower. Very rarely do we raise our prices to match what's on the secondary market.
And our shipping fees are based on a real time calculators with a very small mark up fee. If there's one thing we hate with on-line ordering - it's jerks that over exaggerate their shipping fees.

3. Shipping Time

We try the very best to ship all orders within 1 to 3 days after payment has been made. Generally we try to ship the very next day, but sometimes we get caught behind, otherwise you can bet that we will do all we can to meet our 1 to 3 days commitment.  
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UPDATED: 05.19.17

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